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Where To Go & What To Do When You Got Time To Spare In Sydney?

Travel in Sydney

If you are dropping by Sydney for a short weekend getaway, and have time to spare, you will be delighted to know that there plenty of destinations to go and many activities to indulge in. Read on to find out how you can make your experiences in Sydney truly memorable!

Sydney Hollywood Hotel Surry Hills

Sydney Hollywood Hotel Surry Hills

Surry Hills

If you are looking for a perfect place to unwind, head down to one of Sydney’s classic old pubs. For starters, you can have a few drinks at the Hollywood Hotel that is located in Foster Street. From antique toilets to a curved wooden bar, there is nothing intimidating or fussy about this relaxed joint. What’s more, the working crew is very friendly and will serve you the best beer on tap, which is the joint’s own lager. When the bar gets busy, it gets really busy but with good reason. Regardless, you will want to turn up early and take over a table.

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Point Piper

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Point Piper

Point Piper

If you want to enjoy panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or catch a glimpse of the Opera House’s sails, head on down Rose Bay’s Point Piper end and look for the kayak centre. Here, you will be able to find a wide selection of stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. If you have substantial experience in kayaking, you can opt for the “racing” versions. If not, the sturdy, old-fashioned varieties are highly recommended. This destination will be crowded with many pleasure crafts on the weekends, so it is recommended that you come on the weekdays for a more peaceful and almost meditative experience.

Dining Experience at Rushcutters Bay

Dining Experience at Rushcutters Bay

Rushcutters Bay

Want to indulge in Italian cuisine? Head on down to 60 Bayswater Road and you will find Acme, which offers a unique and delightful dining experience. One of the restaurant’s must-tries is its affordable and interesting pasta – a special dish that includes spicy nduja and fresh mint that are guaranteed to excite your taste buds. As you feast on delectable roasted carrots with almonds and ricotta, you might be able to watch the fantastic sunset over Paddington from the window seats.

Bondi Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach

If waking up early is your thing, you can head to Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi. Be sure to wear a comfy pair of walking shoes as you will be doing a spectacular cliff walk. Your destination is Bronte, a beachside suburb of Sydney. In addition, the total distance you will be walking is approximately 3.5 kilometres.

To begin hiking, simply head to the south end of Bondi beach. You will know you are at the right place when you see the Icebergs pool nearby. The track you are taking may be crowded with other sightseers and joggers, so you should keep to your left. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy gorgeous views across to Ben Buckler. Once you arrive at Bronte, you can reward yourself with delicious coffee as well as bacon and eggs. If you have the energy you can also head back to Bondi for a swim in the magnificent Icebergs pool or ocean.

Din Tai Fung, Chippendale Sydney

Din Tai Fung, Chippendale Sydney


At Din Tai Fung – famous for its signature xiao long baos – one does not simply forget their first dumpling. These delicious Shanghainese dumplings are filled with vegetables and meat, encased in a velvety pouch. The dumplings also contain hot soup so you should pierce the dumpling and allow the juice/soup to ooze out (onto your soup spoon) before dipping it into your favourite condiments such as chilli or soy sauce.

You do not want to immediately pop one into your mouth as you may scald the roof of your mouth or tongue. If that happens by mistake, don’t worry, the staff will provide paw-paw ointment to assist with burns. For starters, try the truffle dumplings and colourful gem dumplings. If you are still hungry, try their pork noodles or rice dishes.

With so many places to see and so many travel adventures to embark on, why not use Sydney bus hire today and travel with a group of like-minded companions? Do share with us about your favourite travel muse in Australia!