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Remembering The Magnificent Titanic

On the April 14, 1912 the RMS titanic hit an ice-berg which proved fatal for the ship and the 1,517 of the titanic passengers on board. Various events have been held after the grave loss to commemorate the Titanic and the lives lost at sea.

The Titanic Belfast offers art galleries and museum which reflects the various aspects of the ship from its architecture to the menus served on board. The stories of the titanic survivors are retold in a dramatic way to tell the heartening after-math that followed these people to their graves. The coast of the Cape Race, Newfoundland is where the wireless log is maintained to this day marked from the first distress signal till its abrupt ending by Robert Hunston at Cape Race. Now after a hundred years this place offers a Titanic themed meal and various other recreational facilities to immortalize the events followed on the April in 1912. The Bedford Institute of Oceanography shows the model of the Titanic as it lies rusting at the floor of the Atlantic. Each and every detail in the model is captivating and interesting to look at. The marvel of architecture and the details could still be imagined and send the person into awe at the magnificence it had to offer in the early nineteenth century.

Titanic in artThe Maritime Museum of Atlantic has so much to offer in its rich collection. It has the treasures of the sunken Titanic. With Titanic in mind, you could get a glimpse of the original intact Titanic deck chairs with dioramas to give a view of the lifeboats on board. The picture galleries have much to tell.

There is a lot the Titanic Northern Ireland and other places have to offer to pay tribute to the Mighty Titanic. This also serves as great educational information source for the people at large. No other ship tragedy has been remembered and romanticised as such as this because of its luxurious grandeur and the sorrowful fate of the lost in the chilling iced waters of the Atlantic. Movies, restaurants, art galleries, you name it and there you find making much out of the Titanic making it immortal for the living. Plan yourself a tour to these places for a perfect Titanic experience. See to the fineness of the details that marked its service. Plan a ship cruise making it to the site of the sinking to commemorate the loss and get first-hand knowledge of the subject.

Author bio
Serven is professional blogger and writes many articles about different categories.Now he is currently working for the tourism industry of Titanic Northern Ireland.

Titanic Ship from movie