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My First Holiday At A Condo

When you say traveling for a holiday most of us think of booking a hotel and spending the time there. But when it comes to traveling there are so many options nowadays. Especially if you travel with your family it is not easy to relax and have a good time. There are many companies offering luxury condos for short term rent for the holiday makers. It is beginning to become a very popular trend.

For the first time I had booked into a condo during my last holiday. The condo I chose was a little bit away from the city. The very reason I wanted to have a holiday is because I wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and fast paced lifestyle. All I wanted was to unwind and relax and give all my attention to my wife and family. Even the kids loved it as soon as we checked. Most of the time we would cramp in two hotel rooms. But this time the kids have a big room for them and also had a nice balcony where they can play or run around. It is quite convenient for me and my wife. Or if we are in a hotel we always have to go to the hallway and enter the kids’ room.

The condo was fully equipped with all the day to day equipment we need. So we could just manage everything by ourselves. The kitchen was a fully functional kitchen with a stove, microwave, cutlery and crockery. The washing machine was used to the maximum as understandably when you have two kids aged 6 and 8 that means you get a constant supply of soiled clothes.

A visit to the nearest supermarket to buy the daily needs also was a unique experience. My wife made it sure to make a comprehensive list of all the groceries we need for our holiday so we do not have to run to the supermarket all the time. Shopping at a supermarket of a different destination was a unique experience as most of the time we have to substitute the brands we are used to with new brands. That is self was a challenge as well as a fresh experience. Personally as a person who love to watch people it was interesting to notice the other local shoppers in a very subtle way. I observed what they buy and their mannerisms and sometimes when we needed any second opinion about any brand we wanted to buy we approached some locals and they were very happy to be of assistance.

Luxury Condo

This is not the favorite way of spending a holiday for most. The common response is why would you want to go away from home to do exactly the same things you do at home at a condom. Especially if you have young kids there is only so much freedom you can get out of a holiday anyway. Being parents of young kids you never get the luxury of being on a snubbed by the pool and read a whole afternoon. Being in a condo is the best way me and my wife felt where we can be at ease and let the children have freedom to play around.

Author’s Bio

Teresa Kent was graduated at the University of Nottingham. She loves to write and she is a part time geologist. She is a traveler. She writes articles using her own travel experiences. Currently she is writing about her own experiences in Flights to Dubai from Heathrow and her own experience to Condo.