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How to go About Applying for an American Waiver

Canada Police

For those of you that have a Canadian criminal record you should already know some ways that it can affect you. First and foremost it can cause trouble with you being able to enter the United States. If you try to enter America without a waiver then you have high chances of getting arrested and taken back to Canada. What could also happen is that your vehicle could get confiscated as well as the personal property that is inside of your vehicle. With that being said, you should now have an understanding as to why it is important to obtain an American Waiver. You need to have this waiver if you have a criminal record before you enter the US.

What exactly is a U.S. Waiver?

If you try to travel to the U.S. before you receive a waiver or before your criminal history is destroyed then the U.S. Government can find your records in the process of you trying to reach the U.S. and that wouldn’t be good for you. A U.S. waiver is a document that would allow a person from Canada or other citizens that are not from the U.S. to come over into the U.S. territories legally for an entire year. The individual would need to follow the time period that is specified on the waiver. So whatever date the waiver expires is when the individual should either have it renewed or returned back to Canada. How long the waiver is valid for is generally based off of how serious the crime is that the individual committed. It is also determined by how long ago it has been since the conviction has been made. A U.S. waiver can be used several times up until the day that they expire.

Criminal Conviction Records

Criminal conviction records are in a computer data base. The Canada Police Information Centre is also linked with the US National Crime Information Center. Although a pardon might be given to the individual of Canada, once it is reached by the U.S. database that is where it is kept. The American waiver will be added to the record and all of the issues that a person would have had for travel from Canada to the U.S. would be resolved.

The Waiver Process

Waiver services are available online where you can easily register for one when you get ready to travel. You would be able to quickly be able to get a waiver from the website so that you can travel to wherever you need too in the U.S. On the websites there is generally a form that you must fill out in order to get approved. Fill out the form and click the submit button. If you have questions about the service there is also generally a business number that is located on the website that you can call for a consultation.

Required Identity

If you want to be able to receive a U.S. waiver then you need to be willing to follow the identification background check regulations. The things that you will need include:

• Driver’s License
• Birth Certificate
• Passport
• Canadian Citizenship Card
• Certificate of Indian Status
• Permanent Resident Card
• Military Family ID card
• Certificate of Indian Status
• Permanent Resident Card
• Military Family ID CARD
• Immigration Documents
• Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant