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How to find cheap flight tickets abroad?

If you are interested in cheap traveling, there are certain methods which can save you lot of money. Airfares can differentiate a lot from day to day and from promotion to promotion, so check these tips how to save lot of money and fly for cheap.

1. Book on weekdays

It is proven that airfare is cheaper on weekdays. Generally, you will almost always pay less for flights from Monday to Thursday. Weekends in the other hand are much more expensive as most people tend to travel on weekends. Especially Friday and Sunday can add hundreds of dollars to your airfare.

2. Book well ahead

Booking your flight ticket few months ahead can also significantly lower the price you pay. This depends also on the place where you intend to fly: local and closeby destinations are better booked 1-2 months ahead. Some low cost airlines even run promotions just few days before the flight to occupy last free places. Long distance international flights are best to be booked at least 3 months before you want to fly to get the best price.

3. Watch for season / out of season flights

Flights to many destinations also differ according to time of the year. It depends if you go in the main season or if you plan to fly during the low season. This is especially true for flights to holiday and exotic destinations. Typically you will pay much more for summer flights for your holidays. Other countries like Southeast Asia are most expensive in Winter, when it’s dry season there and the weather is not so hot.

4. Watch for promotional airfares

The last and best way to save money is to watch for special deals and promotions. You can check, website dedicated to cheap flights and travel tips. It is not unusual to see 50 or 60 percent cheaper flights – in the past you could see offers for flights from Europe to Peru for €100 or to Japan for the same super low price. Just watch the site daily and check on the special airline deals.