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Exploring Less Known Summer Vacation Destinations In North America

Summer Vacation in North America

Summers are probably the most coveted times for holidaying as the weather remains pleasant and suitable for remaining outdoors for long periods of time. This is the reason most people plan their vacations at this time of the year. If you are bored of the beaches, the theme parks and crowded city centers, why don’t you try out places that are less known to people? There are some interesting destinations in North America, which are less frequented by travelers and tourists. Though these places are underrated, yet they can turn out to be really interesting and surprise you to no extent.

Why not try the below mentioned destinations for once and feel the change?

• Lake Oconcee, Georgia – Great summer vacation destination, Lake Oconcee in Georgia offers holiday opportunities for all kinds of travelers and tourists. Located in between Augusta and Atlanta, the lake is an ideal place for fishing and boating. Enjoy great time with your family here. Along with this, there are excellent golf courses in the area, where you can definitely enjoy a game or two of golf with the boys. Along with family vacation, you can distress yourself with some golfing in Lake Oconcee.

• Breckenridge, Colorado – This summer vacation destination is ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts greatly. Popular as a skiing destination, the place has more to offer to travelers than that. People can enjoy climbing, mountain biking and hiking on numerous trails available in the area. There are also opportunities of enjoying badass slides and gondola rides in the place. Along with this, enjoy the natural beauty that the place offers.

Black Hills Trip in North America

Black Hills Trip in North America

• Sandusky/Cleveland, Ohio – It is not important for you to stay at proper Cleveland. The best thing to do is to try camping in an area that is in close vicinity to Lake Erie. From the same camp, one can visit the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The next day can be booked for Cedar Point in Sandusky. Enjoy in the water park and on some grand roller coasters in the area. Great destination for holidaying with kids and family.

• The Alabama Gulf Coast – If you are an ardent enthusiast of adventure water sports, the Alabama Gulf Coast will allow you to enjoy various kinds of activities including scuba diving, swimming and kayaking. Golf lovers will find golfing in the amazing golf courses to be great fun. Vacationers looking to laze on the gulf can catch up on some amazing college football match in Alabama as these are quite common there.

• Buffalo National River, Arkansas – Though the name Buffalo National River says that it is a river, but what is interesting is that it is the first river, which has been declared as a National Park. This has lead to preservation of the area greatly. Travelers can enjoy camping by the river side and even go for a boat ride on the river. There are also opportunities of cave explorations in close proximity. Live amidst nature in this lovely place in Arkansas.

Boat Ride - Buffalo National River

Boat Ride – Buffalo National River

• Lake Champlain/Burlington, Vermont – Stressed with city life? Spend few relaxing days at Burlington. The place offers a laid back setting with rich cultural influence. The major attractions of the place are the microbreweries. Spend some time there and then try relaxing by the Lake Champlain. A perfect combination of relaxation and some wickedness!

• Kings Canyon National Park, California – Though the Yosemite National Park draws millions of travelers annually, give a try to the Kings Canyon National Park, California for a change. The Sierra Nevada Mountains border the entire area offering picturesque sights to travelers. Tourists can enjoy sights of cascading waterfalls and pristine lakes in the area. There are opportunities of camping in the National Park. Live few days like you are living in a forest and absorb the freshness and beauty of nature completely.

Author’s Bio:

Jasmin Brown, the writer of the article, loves traveling to less frequented places of the world and gathers some unique experience from the same. She prefers booking his discounted business class flights via Skylux Travel.