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You Won’t Want To Miss Out On These Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In Australia!

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia

If you are looking for an exotic destination for your honeymoon, the blissful bundle of surprises that Australia offers, will give you a lovey-dovey holiday of your dreams! From adrenaline-pumping party spots to sun-kissed beaches, you will be packing and planning for your honeymoon faster than you know it. Here are some of best destinations you won’t want to miss out in Australia!

Royce Hotel, Melbourne

Royce Hotel, Melbourne


Melbourne is a vibrant city and certainly one of the best honeymoon destinations to consider in Australia. From historic buildings, quaint alleys to gourmet restaurants, Melbourne tops the list of many newlyweds who are looking for an enchanting honeymoon experience. What’s more, luxurious accommodations are aplenty at this city and your choices include: The Royce Hotel, Crown Metropol or The Hotel Windsor.

One of the reasons why Melbourne is an ideal honeymoon destination is that it is accessible all year round. Plus, it has everything you need for a lovey-dovey honeymoon. You will be able to indulge in champagne and delectable food on a rental yacht with just you two, and end the day with a movie screening session under the stars. If you two love birds happen to be history buffs, you can also head to Melbourne Museum or National Gallery of Victoria to indulge in your passions.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

If your honeymoon is slated to happen during the summer months, the sparsely populated and secluded Kangaroo Island is a fitting destination! You will be able to take a romantic stroll along white sand beaches and be amazed by its pristine turquoise waters. What’s more, the idyllic cottages offer a romantic setting for you and your spouse to unwind. If you are tired from the stroll, consider pampering yourselves with a rejuvenating spa experience.

Getting to Kangaroo Island is really easy and you are recommended to use a luxury minibus hire service to get to Cape Jervis. Once there, take a ferry to reach Penneshaw, which is a little town on the Island. Three days is all that’s needed for you and your spouse to have a taste of its nature, peaceful life and wilderness. If the latter creates an instant connection with you, a suitable accommodation would be the cabins at the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat. Have a great time!

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia


If you are looking for a serene getaway that is surrounded by the wonders of nature, Tasmania should be on your list of considerations. From lush tropical forests to well-protected reserves, Tasmania is a popular holiday haunt for honeymoon couples. It offers exotic views of green landscapes and rugged mountains that will be etched in your mind.

After booking an accommodation at the Eagle’s Nest Retreat, you may hike the lovely rainforest trails or take safari tours in the day. After watching the sun set, you and your spouse can enjoy a candle light dinner at Boat Harbour. The best time to visit Tasmania is from October to early May.

Whitsunday Honeymoon Travel

Whitsunday Honeymoon Travel

The Whitsundays

The perfect place for you two to live your dreams of a lonely beach under the sky! If your honeymoon holiday is happening somewhere between the months of May and December, consider visiting the Whitsundays (this amazing destination comprises more than 70 islands and 8 remain inhabited). What’s more, accommodations such as the Daydream Island Resort & Spa and the Long Island Resort will ensure you stay comfy throughout the night.

There is just so much to do here, from early morning till night, and you can start your day by going snorkelling or helping your spouse understand why you love fishing so much. Then in the evening, you can surprise the love of your life with an intimate and romantic candle light dinner under swaying palm trees.

Great Barrier Reef - Honeymoon Vacation

Great Barrier Reef – Honeymoon Vacation

The Great Barrier Reef

You might be surprised to know that the Great Barrier Reef is not just for adventure enthusiasts. That’s because, the world’s largest coral reef also happens to be a wonderful honeymoon destination! You can start the day holiday right with your loved one by enjoying the panoramic views of the deep blue waters as well as the relaxed atmosphere of the white sand beaches. Be sure to witness the beauty of marine life with water activities like snorkelling too!

In addition, other notable islands that are worth exploring include Lizard Island and Wilson Island. If you are looking for accommodations, consider staying at the Dunk Island Resort. Lastly, honeymoon couples are recommended to visit the Great Barrier Reef any time from June to November.