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Discovering Balearic Isles By Boat

The Balearic isles are wonderful isles located under Spain. These territories are part of the Spanish country and ,so, the official value is the euro and the language spoken is the Spanish.

The most popular Balearic isles are: Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

Menorca is the more natural isle. Otherwise Ibiza and Formentera are young destinations with a lot of night-life. This isles can be reached in many ways: by air, by car taking a ferry from Spain… but, if you want to see all these breathtaking isles, the best way is surely by boat.

Before starting any type of trip by boat it is important to check if all the boat steering systems and all the boat engines works well and to host a stock of food, potable water and essential medicines inside.

If we want to do a trip discovering the best Balearic beaches and coves we can start from the isle of Ibiza, where, in the center-east we can found the breathtaking beach of Cala Compte with gold sand and crystalline sea water. It is very popular so it is advisable to reach the beach in the morning. Direction the nautical steering wheel to north, we can found the wonderful beach of Portinax, a perfect way where stop your boat because here the sea is very quiet. This beach is composed of two beaches and it is composed of white sand.

Moving to the island of Formentera we can found a lot of breathtaking and Caribbean landscapes and beaches. Wonderful beaches in this island are surely those of El Arenal (where there are rare shells) and the small cove of Cala Des Morts. The beach of Ses Plagetes offers transparent azure water and touristic services in the neighborhood. If you have children or persons with handicaps the perfect beach is surely El Pujols that have a wonderful landscape but also a lot of services. One of the best beaches of Formentera is probably the beach of Illetes, in the north of the island. In August there is crowd and all the year you should pay but the breathtaking beach and sea water can be seen also by boat.

The third island, Menorca, is the most natural one, where there is few night life. It is a perfect holiday destination for people that loves the nature and the quiet. Menorca is composed by a lot of coves and beaches. The best coves of Menorca are: Ses Fontanelles that is a small cove with a sand and stones beach, owns a crystalline water, the threes behind the beach offers all the days a pleasure wind, Cales Piques with white sand and a sea that is always quiet and Cala en Forcat with a characteristic landscape.

Mallorca, the chief town of Balearic Isles, owns among 300 beaches. Between them, the more wonderful are surely: Es Trenc, a Carribbean beach with white sand and light-azure water, it is often used as landscapes for films and photographs, during the summer there is a lot of crowd, Es Pregons Grans and Es Pregons Petits can be reached only by walk or by boat, in some corner there are naturalistic areas and Cala Mondragò, a blue flag beach with a wonderful landscape.

So, take your steering wheel and start discovering the Balearic beaches!