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5 Best Weekend Getaways Around Mumbai

The Gateway of India

Throbbing with life, Mumbai is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and energy driven cities in India. With great opportunities for everything from chilled out evenings at the beach, a luxurious walk by the marina, an exciting nightlife, restaurants and a haven for movie lovers; Mumbai also has one other thing that makes it a truly complete city in terms of quality lifestyle- its advantageous location.

There are many places to visit around Mumbai which are charming and varied so as to meet the needs of different types of travelers. The places to visit around Mumbai offer charming scenery, great heritage, as well as the opportunity for treks, hikes and bird watching, along with several other fun filled activities that can be performed there.

As the perfect solution to the hectic lifestyle and a healthy, happy, fun-filled time off from the city that doesn’t end where it begins, here’s a list of the five best weekend getaways around the great city of Mumbai:




Strategically close to Mumbai to save on travel time, Nashik is a great place for city dwellers to get away and spend some relaxed time off and unwind. Particularly great is the opportunity that the traveler can avail (especially if he or she has the spirit of adventure) to participate in some very exciting activities offered at the Mudathon at Nashik. Adventure lovers will not be disappointed here, for the excitement of activities is also complemented by warmth of hospitality, making for an all-round excellent weekend getaway opportunity.

Beautiful Scenic Spot - Khandala

Beautiful Scenic Spot – Khandala


No list about weekend getaways near Mumbai can ever be complete without adding the quiet solitude that a trip to Khandala might offer a travel lover. The resort at Khandala is a quiet and relaxing getaway where one can enjoy some beautiful scenic spots, go trekking and camping and a host of other activities.




Ideal for the lover of history, as well as the intense bird watcher, Karnala which is only a few hours away from Mumbai by road is a great place for a weekend getaway from Mumbai. Particularly known to be a peaceful getaway that where quiet days can be spent spotting exotic birds and completely relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Karnala is quick and convenient to reach and more than satisfying for the traveler’s adventure thirsty spirit.

Road for Matheran

Road for Matheran


A hill station near Mumbai, Matheran is a great weekend getaway for the traveler looking for different kinds of adventure and sporting activities. Couple this with the scenic beauty on the road to Matheran and the perfect weekend getaway formula is achieved.

Hills Resort in Palghar

Hills Resort in Palghar


Easily reachable in a few hours from Mumbai, Palghar is a quiet town which allows for a very relaxed weekend off from the hectic city life. The beach lover and the historian would have an amazing time here, as the two beaches and forts are both worth a visit.

Get ready and make your travel plans, then, adventurers, for these are opportunities not to be missed!