4 Reasons to Choose a Snowy Winter Destination for Hunting

Hunting in Winter

Unless seasonally prohibited, there are just some animals that are better hunted in the winter. Among those creatures are deer. In fact, in some countries, deer hunting is only allowed in winter months, but that could be a good thing. Hunting deer in the winter is best left to snowy destinations. If you are just looking for a reason for a hunting trip this winter, here are four reasons to choose a snowy destination.

1. Blood Trails Are Visible

While some people would cringe at this, to a hunter, blood comes with the territory! Sometimes you injure an animal to the point where it can still get some distance away, but it will die a slow painful death if the kill isn’t completed. Hunters will kill an animal in sport, but it is not good sportsmanship to let it suffer. Want to find where it has crawled off to? It’s easy in the winter – follow the trail of blood on the snow.

2. No Pesky Insects

There are two aspects of insects that absolutely irritate hunters. First, there are those pesky flies and mosquitoes who land on you at the most inopportune moments. Just when you are getting ready to pull that trigger, a mosquito zooms in for the kill – yours that is! Not only will you miss your target nine times out of ten at that point, but you will have an itchy bite to contend with for the rest of your hunt. Then there are the flies that want to feed off your catch. Unless you have skinned and cleaned it, they just might get to it before you do!

Hunting Trip

Hunting Trip

3. Fewer Hunters in the Woods

Hunting in the winter isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a seasoned and skilled hunter to survive the bitter cold, but that’s one of the best parts of choosing a winter destination! An abundance of hunters means an abundance of noise, and that’s something that scares the animals away quicker than your scent. Also, fewer people make for safer hunting. Too many people out there in the woods in camo can lead to an accident, even among seasoned hunters.

4. Better Contrast against the White

Many hunters settle in for the kill in their camo but when walking the woods they don their blaze orange hunting vests. While they do afford an added layer of warmth, the ultimate goal is to be visible to other hunters. Who can miss that blaze orange even from a quarter mile away? You may be an expert hobbyist hunter, but the next guy a few trees down may be on his first hunt. Blaze orange will keep you safer because others can better see you and this is why it is often a regulation when hunting.

There are other reasons why you might want to choose a snowy destination for a hunting trip, but these are just four of the most important ones. You may find that you can only hunt deer in the winter, for example, so you’ve little choice what weather to choose. Even so, if you are up for the challenges that come part and parcel with snowy weather, this is why you should hunt in the snow.